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  • Black and White

    Black and white is one of the strongest colour combination which has make impact like no other. The strong contrast makes it feel elegant and luxury.

    photo by visualpanic

    Black & White colour combination
  • Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle has made a version of the e-reader which is not only better in terms of functionality but the design has improved a lot. I specially like the rounded buttons and the buttons on the left side of the screen. Well done Amazon!

    photo by kodomut

    Amazon Kindle
  • Bugatti Veyron SS Interier

    Bugatti is a car company who is employing some of the best designers in the car industry. Details, details, details. Not a single point which has been left out. Great colour scheme. Quality materials. Simplicity. Love it!

    photo by chriswevers

    Bugatti Veyron SS Interier
  • iPod

    Another design masterpiece from the Apple factory. It is a big switch in functionality comparing to the last version of popular iPod Nano player. The device is loosing all the video editing functionality but I am guessing it will be the most used device around sporting society. It is very light, ideal for almost any sport. It can even be used as watch.

    iPod Nano
  • Sofa

    I am not going to tell you that you should sit on the sofa while working with your laptop as it might not be the place to sit when you want to have healthy back but if you a reading newspaper or relaxing with cafe you want nice calm atmosphere to chill. I think the different shades of brown provide just that. Quality letter sofa and wooden flower with combination with brown wall feels great. I would love to have this in my living room.

    (photo by @rsms)

    Calm atmosphere
  • Bookshelf

    Design and Art books are the only one I am planing to keep for the future and there are the only reason I will get bookshelf in the future. All the other types of book will sit in my iPad but back to this image. The colour scheme made out of books feels very refreshing almost like a colour wheel. I am not sure if sorting books by colour is a good thing but when the books are design books it might actually be a very good idea.

    (photo by @seeminglee)

    Colourscheme bookshelf
  • Moleskin

    Moleskins are very popular among designers. It is probably the best tool you can always keep with you wherever you go. It is ideal for quick sketches and quick notes. Most of all it looks amazing.

    (photo by @childofwar)

  • Helvetica

    Helvetica is my favorite typeface. The way it is used in New York underground is just excellent. Loving the contrast and when they combine it with big green circles it is just fab. Planing to make lots of shots of these amazing signs during my upcoming stay in Big Apple.

    (photo by @doitintheroad)

    Helvetica Signs in the NY Underground
  • iPad

    The product which will change the way people interact with computers. Intuitive interface will replace the standard, complicated, PC_like interface for most of the regular users in the future. I am predicting that only IT professionals will use computers the way we use them now. It will not happen in the next five years. But I think in ten years time the computers will be closer to iPad that the standard PC we know it today.

    (photo by @earlysound)

  • Venice

    One of the most beautiful places on earth, Venice. It’s atmosphere is so amazing that you can even enjoy it in the worst weather (from my own experience). The architecture, the colours, people… Everything is just amazing. One of the places that everyone should see and even more, every one should “feel”.

    (photo by @MorBCN)

  • Bugatti Veyron

    Loving the shape and elegance of this car. Every single piece of this car is very well design, just look at those curves. The details are amazing.

    (photo by @vodcars)

    Bugatti Veyron
  • Open space living

    Brilliant example of open space living. Great architecture. The space is full of light, warm colours, very well space-out, excellent choice of materials. It feels very welcoming and positive. Reducing the number of walls which divide space into separate units has in my opinion very good influence on peoples life style. They interact in one space so they are not isolated. More interaction means better relationships.

    (photo by @jeremylevinedesign)

    Open space living
  • Bathroom - Bora Bora Island

    This time I am not presenting specific product but synergy of products and different types of material. It is a hotel bathroom from the island Bora Bora. It brings very calm and positive atmosphere and at the same time it is very inspiring. Symmetry, colour scheme and contrast of dark wood & white towels brings the luxury feeling to the whole place.

    (photo by @tiarescott)

    Bathroom on Bora Bora island
  • iPod

    Apple is well know for producing exceptionally designed, easy to use products and iPod is one of them. It comes in great, carefully chosen colours. It is design the way that you will not think for even second how to use it. The designers made “visible” only what really matters in such device. The wheel which you use to choose the song. Synergy of beauty and simplicity always works. (photo by @xeni)

  • Apple Keyboard

    Apple keyboard is keyboard of keyboards. The attention to details combined with amazing balance is just exceptional. The spacing between the keys, the curves, typography, symbols they are all brilliant. I am not even talking how great is to use this keyborad. The combination of the materials is working very well. (photo by @remysharp)

    Apple Keyboard
  • Porche 911

    Another to the series of iconic cars is Porsche 911. Brilliant design approved by the age of the car which has been continuously produce for many, many years with a very little changes to its design. It has been fin-tuned during all these years to its perfect status but again the original design idea has not be touched. Simply, masterpiece. (photo by @theautogallery)

    Porsche 911
  • Helvetica

    One of the most popular typeface out there and definitely my favorite Helvetica. There is lots of love & hate around this typeface. Some people do not like its uniformity where individual letters are very similar to each other and that is what I just love about it. The order, simplicity, amazing. (photo by @benditafoto)

  • House on Capri Island

    Beautiful architecture does not only mean massive office buildings and old traditional house. Even modern architecture brings lots of lovely inspiration, specially when it is situated on one of my favorites places on this planet – Island Capri. (photo by @bawoodvine)

    House on Capri Island
  • French baguette

    French are famous with the way they can prepare various dishes as well with the way the can present them. Inspiration can be found really everywhere. Just look at the colour scheme. (photo by @avlxyz)

    French baguette
  • Apple Magic Mouse

    Top industrial designers sits in my opinion in Apple company. They can simplify products into the level that there is almost nothing which could be taken out. The new magic mouse is the right example. It could not be much simpler and more elegant. (photo by @kenleewrites)

    Apple Magic Mouse
  • Fiat Cinquecento

    Another iconic car. I loved the first version as much as I love the new one. All the original shapes has been kept even there is lots of new in this version. I think it is a big challenge for designer to keep old the excellent stuff, bring something fresh, new and modern which will not ruin it. (photo by @paulmullett)

    Fiat Cinquecento
  • Crumpler Bag

    I have been big fun of Crumpler Bags for various resons. They look cool and the quality is amazing. I have been using this bag for almost 5 years now and it still looks like new. (photo by @fensterbme)

    Crumpler Bag
  • Mini

    Iconic car well know from movies like “Italian Job”. The first of these cars was produced long time ago in a lot smaller size but the design elements has been kept in this new version. I am sure that designers have spend weeks and weeks getting the curves of the car right. Just look at the shape around lights. It is perfect. I am not sure if this can be improved even more. (photo by @thecarspy)

  • Tables in Apple Stores

    I have no idea who has designed and produced these amazing tables. They not only look amazing but they are great for the job. Nice and solid, great wood. If you know any information about them please leave comment. (photo by @jvk)

    Tables in Apple stores
  • Vespa

    Probably the best designed bike out there. It has kept its original features even it came through various changes and redesign decisions. It is simply master piece – design icon. (photo by @iirraa)

  • Nike for iPod

    Nike produces excellent collection for runners who use iPod to track their stats. The whole campaign supported with brilliant web site and print adverts looks just great. Connection with Apple could never go wrong. (photo by @naoyafujii)

    Nike for iPod
  • Timberland Shoe

    This particular model has not been changed for years. It is a sign of the good product design. Even after years and years in production this shoe still looks cool. (photo by @yggg)

    Timberland Shoe