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  1. click here to investigate…

    Eye Design…

  2. Wow- I love the detail…so amoeswe. On a seperate note, the dresser you re-did for that young girls room with all the different colored drawers (has large polka dots on the side). Well I have that exact dresser and was thinking of painting it black…I have NEVER done anything like this before…so my question is if I have to sand the entire thing down first?

  3. I realize this conmmet is like a month after the posting but I just discovered your effing wonderful blog and had to say that i had the exact same thought about that couch: namely, why is that not in my home, it needs to be there!

  4. Hey thereSo glad you like the sofa it’s very good price. I feel like CB2 should be paniyg me for doing their PR! The cushions don’t come with the couch but if you click on the link and scroll down you’ll see you can buy an assortment of them separately. Good luck.C


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